Crestwood Global Experience Grant

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Providing a global perspective to our local community

This Scholarship is meant to provide an opportunity for a Crestwood senior to travel internationally with the hopes of a life changing experience for the individual and a long term impact on the community.

The Why

After graduating from Crestwood High School, I was fortunate to travel internationally. Put simply, this experience changed the way that I viewed the world.​

After these travels, I set a goal to help fellow Crestwood graduates have a similar experience at no cost to the student.

​I am excited to announce that for the first time in 2024, a Crestwood High School Graduate will have the opportunity to experience this international travel, firsthand.​

We look forward to reviewing applications!

- Andy Auble

Andy in Austria, August 2016

The What

This Scholarship is provided to a Crestwood High School student graduating in 2024. The Scholarship includes tuition and a spending budget for any short-term summer 2024 program provided by EF Gap Year.

Here is a link to the eligible programs: Short Term Programs

The Who

Who is Eligible?

Any Crestwood High School Senior graduating in 2024 that will be 18 years old before July 5th 2024.​

What is Class4Labs?

Class4Labs is an incubator and holding company for ecommerce based products. Class 4 was started by Andy Auble in 2021 and has offices in Hiram, Ohio and Bozeman, Montana.​​

Who is paying?

The company that will be covering the cost of this scholarship is GlueTread. GlueTread is in the Class 4 family and was started in 2018 by Andy and Dave Auble. This business is still being run out of their shop in Hiram, Ohio.

Who is facilitating the Travel?

Class4Labs and GlueTread have partnered with EF Gap Year to facilitate the travel. EF Gap Year will handle all logistics and planning. That includes booking flights, lodging, several activities and several meals.

Important Dates For 2024:

  • December 20 - Application Opens

  • Jan 5 - EF Gap Year Q&A

    • 5:00pm ET

    • Q&A Video Link Here

  • Jan 12 - Application Closes

  • Jan 18 - Finalists Announced

  • Jan 22 - Finalist Interviews

  • Jan 31 - Winner Announced

  • Feb 1 - Winner Passport Check

  • May 10 - Travel Paperwork Due

  • July 5 - Graduate Leaves

  • August 2 - Graduate Returns

  • August 9 - Graduate Report Due

The Application:

Selection Process:

It is very important to us that this scholarship is awarded to the applicant that best fits the goal of the scholarship. We want to make sure that our selection process is as fair and transparent as possible. As a result, we decided on a process that will provide an equal opportunity for all applicants.


All finalists will be interviewed via video chat by Andy Auble and all finalists will be asked the same set of questions. This interview will be recorded and eventually shared with a panel of judges. Each judge will give a score for each candidate's interview and the finalist with the highest total score will be awarded the grant.

Panel Criteria:

Each panelist meets all of the following criteria:

-Does not live in Portage County

-Does not have any ties to the Crestwood community

-Does not have any family ties to the Auble Family

-Has traveled internationally

-Demonstrates an understanding for the goal of the scholarship

Additionally, the panel will be evenly split between college graduates and those that did not attend college. There will be six panelists this year from all over the country: Illinois, California, Montana, Utah and Tennessee.

Judging Criteria:

Each finalist's interview will be judged on the following criteria:

-Applicant's desire to participate in the travel

-Impact the scholarship will have on the applicant

-Applicant's potential for making an impact on their community

-Applicant's ability to represent the their community well during their travel

Class of 2024 Winner:

We are thrilled to announce that the torchbearer of the Class of 2024 is none other than Josh Delaney! His exceptional dedication and hard work have earned him this prestigious recognition. We extend our heartiest congratulations to Josh on this remarkable achievement.

This summer, starting July 2024, Josh will embark on an exciting journey of discovery through the Asian Exploration trip. We eagerly anticipate the wealth of experiences and insights he will bring back. Stay tuned for a comprehensive summary of his adventure, which we’ll share upon his return in the fall of 2024. Here’s to Josh’s upcoming journey and the many stories to come!

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A Special Thanks:

We would like to extend a special thanks to the following people for making this scholarship possible:

The GlueTread Team, Mantua Center Christian Church, Kids Weekend Meals, EF Gap Year, Alpine Start Media, Vertical Visions, Trusty Productions, Craig Wilson, Dave, Pam and Amy Auble

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